Purchasing Policy


Basic Purchasing Philosophy

In the spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, we shall develop open and fair business relation with
our, Customers, suppliers and strive together for study, creation, and improved competitiveness to achieve long-term stability and growth, thereby contributing to advancement of the society and economy.

Under the philosophy, we provide open opportunities to suppliers around the world for business entry, and strive to develop fair, equitable, and mutually beneficial business relation with Customers and suppliers. Furthermore, we implement holistic business evaluation encompassing compliance structure, environmental management and social considerations, on top of product quality, engineering expertise, price, delivery performance, and operating information of daily business, whereby we seek to further enhance business practice.

As part of such efforts, MazdaBD strictly follow all the roles as well as the laws and regulations of each country/region, but also respect local history, culture, and customs. Processing a request for MazdaBD customers. we highly maintain our internal process to deliver right products, which is provided by Mazda JP, Mazda US, Mazda UK, by checking each and every way. Example: Model, Part-number, Matching colors, matching pictures, Brand, etc.

MazdaBD aims to accomplish its Corporate Vision through the actions of each specific, based on the Mazda Way. While striving to meet the requests and expectations of all of MazdaBD’s investors, all employees pursue Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the course of their daily business activities, thereby determined to the sustainable development of both society and the Company itself.

Throughout our lives, we all make important purchasing decisions. Usually these decisions lock us in with a contract, whether it be an apartment, house or a car. And speaking of purchasing a car, sometimes drivers realize they didn’t purchase a car that works best for them until after they already bought it. So, can you return a car after buying it?

The simple answer is usually, “no.” But there’s more to it than that. There is nothing that requires car dealers to allow you to return your vehicle, and many don’t. Still, dealers like Capistrano MazdaBD allow you to change your mind and walk away happy, MazdaBD will take the responsibility to return your car as per market value of your purchased car. (Note: You have to wait until resale the car) Just three simple steps you need to finish.

  • Surrender your beloved car
  • Sign the MazdaBD Agreement Papers
  • Walk away with a nice smile

The simple answer is, “Yes.” But we have some conditions.

  • The Product must be in intact sealed sold by MazdaBD
  • You Must show us the original invoice/Money receipt, provided by MazdaBD. Without MazdaBD,s Papers the product will not be granted
  • MazdaBD Allow you to return the spares within 3 working days of purchasing. Return will be collected only ‘Friday” 1PM to 5PM.

All the spares have an official 6-months warranty from the purchasing date. Within warranty period MazdaBD will exchange the spares if buyer can prove, the spares sold by MazdaBD. Conditions apply.

  • Must be show us the installed spares. (Pictures, Video)
  • Human made accident will not be granted

All imported new car we have 3 years limited official warranty. We have some segments or class of warranty.

  • 5 Years limited (UpTo 75000 KM) warranty Including (Engine Oil and Oil Filter, Brake Pads,) Only you have to Pay Servicing Cost.
  • All New Mazda Cars owner will get a personalized leaser engraved MazdaBD Warranty VIP Golden Card for VIP Access. (It’s free of cost)
  • 2 Years limited (UpTo 15000 KM) warranty without spares parts.MazdaBD will provide Engine Oil and Oil Filter free of cost. The Warranty will be applicable for third party Mazda sellers also in Bangladesh upon Paid Registration. The owner will Pay only Servicing Cost.


Purchasing Division